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Each paper has its DOI number.


Author information

Regarding the format and presentations at the SSW11 workshop, please kindly note the following instructions:



  • all presentations will be oral and live
  • we provide some author materials here
    • there are two PPT templates with SSW11 header and sponsor logos. If you have a chance, please use the one with sponsor logos to thank for their generous support
    • there is a virtual background image with SSW11 content which we encourage to use during your presentation (within Zoom, you can set it under 'Choose virtual background')
  • each paper has 24 mins allocated in the program, including Q&A (divided into e.g. 15 mins main presentation, 5 mins for questions, 4 mins for intro & next speaker)

pptx template

pptx template
with sponsor logos

virtual background
for the presenters


Optional PPT and video upload

  • as a backup option, we strongly advise that you send us your presentation PPT/PDF and/or a pre-recorded video of the presentation
  • resolution of 720p HD is recommended, with the face of the presenter in one of the corners
  • file size should not exceed 200 MB
  • we will only use this if there is an issue during the live conference (e.g. weak internet connection of the presenter)
  • please share your presentation and video with us to before Aug 23 (e.g. private youtube video link, cloud service,


Conference platform

  • presentations and discussions will be in Zoom Webinar (
  • for coffee breaks, session discussions and online social events we will use Spatial.Chat (
  • access to the platform will be sent in email to registered participants
  • you will have a chance to test these on Aug 24 - more details coming soon




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